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splash water park

Our new product the inflatable water park we know this will be a real money maker.

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Rent or buy

Our bungee trampoline are available to rent or buy at unbeatable prices.

from 1 day to a full season's hire at all locations on a flat fee rate or a profit sharing arrangement. (for established amusement parks and locations only)

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Spares parts shop

we are always adding new products to our bungee trampoline spare parts shop at long last now you can buy most parts for your bungee trampoline online with out any hassle we carry the biggest selection of bungee parts anywhere on the internet.

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Distributors Wanted! - Would you like to become a bungeetrampoline.com distributor and sell or hire bungee trampolines in your country?

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climbing wall hire

we now do climbing wall hire at our sister site at unbeatable prices.

from 1 day to a full season's hire at all locations on a flat fee rate or a profit sharing arrangement. (for established amusement parks and locations only)

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rodeo bull hire

we can also do a good rate for rodeo bull hire now check ut the new website

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carbon neutral


bungee trampoline

we have planted 300 willow trees to offset our carbon emissions

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Bungee Trampolines For sale & For hire

The Bungee Trampoline is one of the most exiting attractions on the market at the moment. It has the adrenaline rush of bungee jumping but none of the risks.

click here if you want to hire a bungee trampoline or here to see to see a list of our bungee trampolines for sale we also sell spare parts for all bungee trampolines. we are the worlds no1 Bungee Trampoline Manufacturers. also see our list of used bungee trampoline for sale

The Bungee-Trampoline fascinates adults and children alike. it allows everyone (from 20 to 90 kg), even those with no experience, un-limited jumps up to 10 meters high (33 feet), with no risk, which is not possible with an ordinary trampoline. Even people with certain physical disabilities are able to use it. The really wonderful thing about this experience is it affords children the opportunity to experience an extreme sport whilst having fun and is a great confidence booster and learning tool. Their parents can even jump themselves or, as is often the case, become extremely enthusiastic teachers for a few minutes.

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xxl bungee trampoline

our standard mobile in action on you tube


With a small initial investment a bungee-Trampoline system is the most profitable amusement attraction available at this time. Its working expenses are very low and you have a rapid return on your investment with customers paying up to 5 pounds or 8 dollars / euros a go. some times more

new mobile xxl with lighting package


Featured products

mobile bungee trampoline on trailerclassic 4 in1 euro bungee trampoline
The Bungee Trampoline is built from quality materials (aluminum and stainless steel) to the highest safety standards and benefits from attaining uk testing and numerous international safety regulations. Several hundred Bungee Trampolines have already been delivered in more than 50 countries.

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mobile bungee trampoline on trailermini indoorbungee trampoline
This Bungee Trampoline is built for use in play centers ect where opperaters have low celings and could not opperate our normale sized bungee trampoline .

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mobile bungee trampoline on trailer

mobile 4 in1 bungee trampoline on trailer
the 4 in1 trampoline trailer when in its packed up state is very small ( 3.5mt long x 2.5 mt high x 2.4 mt wide) and could be towed by nearly any car (not heavy just 800kg) and with a normal car drivers licence

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mono 1 in1 bungee trampoline
Jumpers are able to reach heights that would be impossible using a trampoline alone, secured and safe in their adjustable purpose built harness they are free to experiment with acrobatic movements and summersaults. (the record is 5in one jump) the 1 in1 bungee is for locations where space is limited.

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mobile bungee trampoline on trailer6 in1 mobile bungee trampoline
The new 6 in1 Bungee Trampoline is hige volume big events a meger money making mashine
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new walk on waterball with inflatable pool
our walk on water balls are the best around. we always ues the best parts and they are all professionally made. the big hit of 2010 dont miss out.

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new bungee trampoline banner id kits
our bungee banners are for any bungee trampolines all are professionally designed and will make your bungee trampoline stand out from the crowed.

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6 bed trailer tramp
our 6 bed mobile trampolines extremely mobile and easy to set up and are perfect for any one wanting to attend small or large festivals or events.

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