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frequently asked questions .

before you contact us here is a list of faq......

Q. How many staff will be required to run the unit?

A. I if  you are not busy you can do it with 1 person


Q. What kind of training is required?

A. You will get a detailed manual covering all aspects of the bungee inc set up and take down (there is also a dvd of the mobile bungee set up we are working on other models )  


Q. Will it be required for us to come to London for the training?

A. No but you can if you want and we will train you for free (we can also come to your country for training the cost will be air fair + hotel + £150 per day per person but one person is normally ok)  


Q. Can we leave it on the staff to run the unit?

A.. Yes there is a way to monitor the number of sales done With the timer / jump counter http://www.bungeetrampoline.com/shop/p10/bungee-trampoline-timer/-jump-counter/product_info.html


Q. How many hours can we run it daily?

A.  24 hours


Q. What is the warranty period?

A. 1 year on most parts on useable parts such as bungee elastics there is no warranty


Q. is there a weight and age limit to use the trampoline?

A. Max weight 90 kg


Q. Will the unit be mobile?

A. We make a mobile unit on wheels if you like http://www.bungeetrampoline.com/mobile_bungee_on_trailer_4in1.php


Q. How many people and time is required for assembly?

A. Mobile bungee 2 persons 45 min / classic 4 in 1 2 persons 2.30 min / 1 in 1.. 3 persons  45 min


Q. What kind of vehicle is required to carry the unit around for hiring?

A. Just a normal mid size car for the mobile bungee.


Q. What the requirements are in terms of space, electricity etc. to install and run this unit?

A. 220 v ac mobile bungee 28 ft ==  classic 34 ft -- 1 in 1 1ft x 12ft


Q.What will be the weight and size of the different units?

 A. See shipping http://www.bungeetrampoline.com/bungee_trampoline_shipping.php


Q.How high can the jumpers jump?

A. Around 24 ft


Q. What will be included in the cost?

A. What other extra things will be need to buy and how much will it cost? See price list and spare parts


Q. What about the repairs and replacement products?

A. See spares


Q. What kind of maintenance is required and how often?

A. very little and if and thing need replacing most parts can be changed very easily.


Q.. What will be the maintenance costs and what spares will be required?

A. Bungee cords cost around £300 and last around 4000 jumpers / persons. (enough to make around £12000- £15000)


Q. How do we guard it against the weather? Does it rust?

A. No the poles are made from aluminum the center trailer on the mobile bungee is iron and should last around 5 years without painting if its is looked after correctly.


Q.For how many years can we use the same unit?

A. The first classic bungee is still operating now after over 10 years of operation the mobile still after 5 years and the 1 in 1 after 5 years as far as we know all of the bungees we have made are still able to operate.




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