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frequently asked questions .

before you contact us here is a list of faq......

Q. How many staff will be required to run the unit?

A.wse normally bring 2 persons


Q. do we have to insure you ?

A. we have our own public liability insurance for 9 million pounds.


Q. do you have a risk assessment?

A. yes the risk assessment and the public liability insurance documents can be downloaded here (There is also a booking form on that page) 


Q. do you do profit splits ?

A. yes but only at high profile large events


Q. how long dose a session last

A. between 2 to 5 min's


Q. How many jumpers can you get thru in 1 hour

A. around 40 with 2 operators.


Q. do you require electricity ?

A. yes a 13 amp supply is ok but if you don't have a power source near you we can provide a generator.  


Q. how much dose it cost to hire a bungee trampoline ?

A. it depends on the day of the week - time of the year - how far the event is form our base - and hours of opening email us or call us now for a free quote.


Q. How many hours can we run it daily?

A.  24 hours


Q. is there a weight and age limit to use the trampoline?

A. Max weight 90 kg



Q. How many people and time is required for assembly?

A. Mobile bungee 2 persons 45 min / classic 4 in 1 2 persons 2.30 min / 1 in 1.. 3 persons  45 min


Q. What kind of vehicle access is required?

A. you you can get a transit size van on the location that should be good enough.


Q. What the requirements are in terms of space, electricity etc. to install and run this unit?

A. 220 v ac mobile bungee 28 ft ==  classic 34 ft -- 1 in 1 1ft x 12ft


Q.How high can the jumpers jump?

A. Around 24 ft max


Q. What will be included in the cost?

A. us taking it there setting it up and taking it away / insurance / and operating it . there is no hidden extras


Q. can we put one of our own attendants on the bungee and collect money for persons to use it

A. sure no problem










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