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mini indoor 4 in1 bungee trampoline

A mini bungee trampoline ideal for f,e,c and indoor shopping center use

Mobile and stationary usage for Events, Promotion, Indoor and Outdoor
Our bungee are proven money makers worldwide.
All you need to do is find the right site’s (high footfall) to make money we truly believe there is not a better amusement product for this amount of money on the market..



Mini bungee trampoline has a height of 4,90 m and a space requirement of 7 x 7 m
All relevant UK health and safety certifications (ADIPS)

Quality materials

The Bungee Trampoline is built from quality materials (aluminum) the lifting winch's are Italian made. everything is made to the highest safety standards and benefits from attaining uk testing and numerous international safety regulations.


You only need a 110/230 volts/10 amperes electrical outlet.

Sizes tech detail's

11 x 11 meters in diameter by 8 meters high (the longest element for packing is 6.6 meters long. there are three sizes of bungee harnesses : big, med and small



The potential profits for a good site are fantastic.

Time per jumper:


1 person operation is possible but 2 person operation of the bungy trampoline is recommended

Set up

2 person are required for the set up of the bungy trampoline (can be set up in around1.30 min) the whole construction is made from aluminum. It's weight is about 500 kg.

extras 1

Extras can include - extra harness - video system check users in day - timer - trailer for packing - spare bungee cords - lighting for night operation.


delivery time

1 to 5 weeks for delivery from London

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Girl doing lots of flips on a classic 4 in1 bungee trampoline

A man doing super tricks on a mono 1 in 1 bungy trampolines






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