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4 bed mobile bungee trampoline


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Modern bungee which is mobile, strong and cost efficient . Never before was making money so easy.

Our newest product the new 4 bed mobile bungee trampoline. we have developed this product because of our customers repeatedly telling us that they can make good money with a more portable easy to set up bungee trampolines system

this 4 in1 system is very easy to set up taking around 45 to set up with 1 persons ( or 30 min with 2 persons) (this is possible by using a winch to lift the poles in to position the only system on the market that dose this)

the 4 in1 trampoline trailer when in its packed up state is very small ( 3.5mt long x 2.5 mt high x 2.4 mt wide) and could be towed by nearly any car (not heavy just 800kg) and with a normal car drivers licence

the size of the trampoline means in is ideal for shipping abroad

all of our trampolines can set up and operate on most surfaces inc sand grass or roads and in any type of weather

what is a bungee trampoline.

Using multiple bungee cords the traditional trampoline has been turbo charged to give a gravity defying ride that gets the adrenaline pumping in a totally safe environment.

The kids of today are bored with the passive participation that other fun park rides offer are searching for something to actively take part in. Imagine jumping up to 10 meters into the air off a trampoline, looking down on the crowd from the air.

Jumpers are able to reach heights that would be impossible using a trampoline alone, secured and safe in their adjustable purpose built harness they are free to experiment with acrobatic movements and summersaults (the record is 5in one jump) or to simply jump as high as they can. The rapid rate at which confidence sky rockets after your first double somersaults creates a contagious buzz between both participants and spectators.

Quality materials

The Bungee Trampoline is built from the very best quality materials every part is tested and has certifications(ce ect) the bungee comes with uk design revue certification and is adips ready this standard this is recognized worldwide. german tuv can also be supplied on request but is not included in the price.

the bungee lifting winch's are Italian.

the air trampolines are from rave sports and are the best and most expensive on the market (we can supply normal spring trampolines if you want but we think the air trampolines work better) because you just pump up the trampolines with the included air pump you can leave the trampolines inflating as you set up the bungee saving lots of time.

air trampoline details

the aluminum poles are 52 mm round with a 6 mm wall (no other bungee trampoline manu factor uses stronger poles then us) grade 6082 t6 aluminum

pole ends and connecting plate are made with a computerized cnc machine (some other bungee company's just use a crude iron set up that's much cheaper to produce)

eye bolts are tested to 750 kg

bungee cords come with certification

pulleys carabineers jump ropes, steal ropes and harness come with ce,

before painting center trailer is Sandblasted and then a special anti rust treatment is applied then it is Powder coated and put in a oven at 200° C to harden the result is a finish the best you will see anywhere.

trailer wheels are 5 stud m16 axes are long life spring less stub axes( not 4 stud m12 springed used by other makers of bungee's) bungee trailer axal

we use expensive low profile tyers ( to keep the center trailer lower to the ground this helps with making setup take down and operation more easy also this takes away the need to removes the wheels) a side benefit is Improved handling and grip and More traction and braking power

the tow bar is a Bradley Hydra tow 1400kg Coupling( the best we could find)

everything else is made to the highest safety standards and benefits from attaining uk testing and numerous international safety regulations.


You only need a 110/230 volts/13 amperes electrical outlet.


8 mt by 8 mt meters in diameter by7 meters high . there are three sizes of harnesses : big, middle and small


The potential profits for a good site are fantastic.

you can hire out the bungee trampoline for any type of event asking up to £1000 for 1 days hire is not unreasonable. you investment can easily be made back in the summer holidays if promoted correctly also it is possible for company's to sponsor the bungee here are some examples of achievable profits

Time per jumper: 3 to 5 minutes (including setup time)
Standard price: 5 - 8 Euros
Number hours/day: 8 hours (10 to 12 possible)
Number of jumpers: 48 per hour / 384 per day
Daily income: 2688 Euros @ 7 euros each
Monthly income (20 days): 53760 Euros @ 7 euros each

Trailer mounted bungee with build up trampolines

bungee with spring trampolines rack on its trailer


1 person operation is possible but 2 person operation of the bungee trampoline is recommended

Theme's / colors / design

we can make any cooler or design you want we have done ones in almost every color

circus circus

circus bungee


spiderman bungee trampoline

bungee standard

white bungee


Set up

this 4 in1 system is very easy to set up taking around 45 min to a hour to set up with 1 person (this is possible by using the winch to lift the poles

the only system on the market that dose this. (notice here how easy and fast a pole is to raise. it takes just 20 sec to put it up.)



Extras can include - extra harness - video system check users in day - timer - spare bungee cords - lighting for night operation.


delivery time

1 to 5 weeks for delivery from London

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mobile 4 in1 bungee trampoline videos from


Girl doing lots of flips on a classic 4 in1 bungee trampoline

A man doing super tricks on a mono 1 in 1 bungy trampolines

Classic 4 in1 bungee trampoline photos


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